Aging Successfully Email Course
Aging Successfully Email Course
Aging Successfully Email Course


Aging Successfully Essentials Course

This course is for those who really wish to carry out the recommendations of the full Interactive course but do not have the time for in depth study and coursework. The essential points brought out by the longer course are all present.

The Modular formula is the same, with each separate module being dedicated to a particular body system. However, the minimum anatomy and physiology required for a basic understanding behind the recommended diet, exercises, herbs etc is covered through answers to frequently asked questions. These also cover some aspects of diseases associated with the aging of that body system. With both courses following them with a friend will help to keep you motivated to carry out the recommendations and will add to your enjoyment of the subject

As in the full course there will be 10 easy ways to support that body system in everyday life.

Fun activities designed to explore the senses and abilities of your body and those encouraging making links with the plant world are included as an optional diversion.

The two main herbs, [largely those used in cookery] which can be included frequently, although not every day in home life are given with each module.

This course is not however interactive. The books by Christina Stapley, Herbwise Naturally, Herbcraft Naturally and Herb Sufficient, all published by Heartsease Books are recommended to accompany the course. These offer more recipes.

Essentials Modules are available singly at £20 each or £150 for the whole course of 9. Saving £30. It is possible to be upgraded from the Essentials Course to the Interactive Course if wished.

If interested please email Christina.stapley@tiscali.co.uk