Aging Successfully Email Course
Aging Successfully Email Course
Aging Successfully Email Course



Questions asked -

Am I too Young for this Course? No-one is really too young as an early awareness of how to take care of your body, plus following simple guidelines can set you on the path to a long and active life.

Am I too Old for this Course? Again the answer will be no, because even reasonably fit people in their 90’s can gain benefits from suggested exercises, activities and learning.

Do I need any qualifications to understand it? No. The anatomy and physiology covered is set out simply with diagrams intended to amuse as well as show relationships of parts of the body. They are not about fine or exact detail; their place is simply helping you to follow the text.

Will it take all my spare time? Only if that is what you want. There are no deadlines. It is an interactive course with opportunities for questions and feedback on your accounts of activities etc. Each Module is in 2 parts. As the student finishes the first one feedback is given and the second part sent. If you feel you do not have enough spare time for the interactive course you may like to consider the Essentials course.

Do I need to learn about the systems in the order below? You can choose to pick out Modules which you particularly relate to. However they are suggested in the present order to help your understanding. The course builds on knowledge already given and later modules will give you references back to information in earlier ones.

Does completing the course give me a qualification? Not as such, but there will be a certificate of completion.

How will the Course benefit me? Understanding your body and those ways in which you can maintain fitness, not only offers motivation to put in a little extra effort for our own benefit, it gives us a certain amount of control and supports optimism. Having an optimistic view of how we expect our later years to be makes them more likely to be active and satisfying. If we are expecting to fall apart after every birthday beyond 40, we are inviting just that to happen. A positive attitude is crucial and will always help you whatever the circumstances. The enemies of good health have always been depression, anxiety, anger and low self-esteem, at any age.