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Bi-monthly sections present organic herb gardening - Detailed cultivation of 19 herbs - Designing an astrology garden - Guides to main harvests - New recipes for preserves - Wines - Remedies - Fragrances - Shampoo - Polishes - Flowercrafts and simple craft projects - all using harvests from the garden

Divided into bi-monthly sections to guide the reader through the year in an organic herb garden. Although it is also a real pleasure garden, being formal and ornamental in parts, the garden is a "working" area where the beauty is the result of constant harvesting. The function of a herb is to provide ingredients and raw materials. As the title suggests these are sufficient for most needs, from cookery to fragrances, remedies and hobbies.

Lists of main harvests, giving the herbs and their uses accompany most sections.These will act as timely reminders, directing the reader to recipes in the author's two previous books, in addition to recipes presented here.

Household tasks can be given a special touch to enrich the quality of your home with perfumed furniture polish, a carpet sprinkle, moist pot-pourri from another age, rich and beautiful; or a welcome softness and tender care for washing silks and needlepoint with soapwort.

Fun with dyes for both wool and silk enables beginners and experienced dyers alike to create original garments, cushions etc. The pure wool waistcoat made on a simple peg loom and the silk blouse dyed with bramble tips and decorated with leaf prints are examples of the possible applications. Embroidery silks can also be dyed in shade after shade of the same natural colours.

With home made wines for your table, shampoo for your hair, ointments and oils and many simple craft projects from garden harvests to pass the time, there truly is sufficient to keep you enjoying a richer quality of life with herbs --- all from your garden.

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