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Detailed knowledge and recipes for everyday living  -   Planning an organic herb garden  -  Cultivation of 60 herbs  -  Cookery  -  Pot-pourri  -  Herb pillows  -  Simple medicinal remedies  -  Compassionate herbs for stress
 -  Cautions, irritants and poisons

This book is based on a series of herb workshops given by Christina Stapley. Each section contains recipes made with groups of people who were generally novices when it comes to the use of herbs. The background information answers the questions they asked. The result is a very practical book giving detailed knowledge and recipes for everyday living.

Planning an organic herb garden is set out with diagrams of garden areas at Brook Cottages. The cultivation of all 60 herbs used in recipes in the book is given in full. Cookery recipes are accompanied by tables of herb strengths and suitable partnerships of herbs with fruit and vegetables, as well as those best in cheese dishes, salads, fish dishes etc.

The section of pot-pourri also lists possible ingredients from the garden for fixatives as well as flowers and leaves. Methods and recipes take in a pet pillow, sleep pillow, panic pillow and moth sachet - even a fly repellent pot-pourri. Compassionate herbs for stress explores different approaches to calming the body. Herbal teas, bath sachets, pot-pourri, fragrant pillows, diet and a serenity garden, all play their part. In medicinal remedies simple instructions are followed. These have all been useful to the author with a growing family. Cautions on herbs not to be taken medicinally during pregnancy will be found at the back of the book. Also advice on careful handling and planting of irritants and poisons with the safety of children and animals in mind.

Herbwise Naturally is ideal as a reference book, practical source of recipes and an inspirational book to dip into at odd moments.

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