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Herb Garden Herbs in History Medicinal Herbs Practical Herbs Crafts

Christina Stapley has been growing, studying and using herbs for over 40 years. She lectures to a variety of groups and societies, and is included on the Royal Horticultural Society list of speakers and also on local Women's Institute and Townswomen's Guild lists.

A full talk list follows, divided into themes. Click on one of the five large buttons on the left for more details on the lectures under each theme.

Herb Garden
Herbs for Fragrance and Foliage
Herb Cultivation
Herb Garden Design
Herbs to Aid the Gardener
The Herbal Habitat for Wildlife
Herbs to Grow for the Kitchen
When is a Flower Not a Flower?
The Autumn Herbal Harvest
A Weed by any other Name
Herbs in History
Elizabethan Herbs and Herb Gardens
Herbs in Daily Use - Celtic to Medieval Times
The Medical Astrology Garden
Herbs Through the Ages
Herbs from the Bible and Christian Legend
Origin and Meanings of Herb Names
Folklore of Herbs
The Life, Times and Recipes of Lady Anne Blencowe 1656-1718
Medicinal Herbs
Poisonous and Irritant Plants
Herbs in Homoeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies
The Physic Garden
Compassionate Herbs for Stress
Herbs - Serenity by Natural Design
Herbs in the Swiss Alps
Medicinal Trees
Practical Herbs
Herbs in Cookery, Remedies and Pot-Pourri
Herbs in Winemaking and Liqueurs
Herbs At Christmas - Food, Gifts, Decorations, Superstitions, Herbal Gifts   
The Craftsperson's Garden - Basketry, Papermaking, Dyes
Dyeing to Spin with Herbs
Fast Fun with Unspun - Feltmaking and Peg Loom
Natural Design (Silk yarn & Fabric, Leaf-prints, Flower Buttons)
Herbal Inspiration in Embroidery Design
Herbs for Floral Art - Posies, Swags and Dried Miniature Gardens
New Lectures
Plants of the Scilly Isles – Wild, Weird & Wonderful: A talk on wild herbs growing in a range of habitats, mostly on the island of Tresco interspersed with more exotic trees and plants in the beautiful Abbey gardens. From the sand dunes where honeysuckle mixes with escaped protea to the rare wild European solidago, on rocky cliff paths, there is constant variety. Sea radish and tamarisk trees grow in the sands while further inland there are moorland heathers and bright mesembryanthemums. Even wayside walls offer gems of wall oxalis, umbilicus rupestris and wild mignonette. From the huge cupressus macrocarpa in the Abbey gardens down to thrift on the cliffs, this is a treat for anyone interested in island plants and herbs.
Spices & Plants of the Caribbean: An exploration of spices and medicinal trees and plants on the island of Grenada. Cinnamon, clove and particularly nutmeg trees have been a major crop in the past. Since the hurricane of 2004 more of the striking cacao is grown and vanilla is set to become more popular. Alongside the better known spices are the medicinally valued guaiacum and soursop and noni fruits. The plants, herbs and shrubs in two very special gardens add colour and interest along with familiar fruits of grapefruit, limes and pineapples, coffee beans and pepper.